July 24, 2022


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A home renovation or new build involves many contractors. One area to consider are “low-voltage systems” – designed and installed by low-voltage experts. These systems include:

1. Security – alarms, cameras, smart locks
2. Communication – networks, intercom
3. Environmental – lighting, shades
4. AV – music and TV systems, media rooms
5. Control – smart home, voice control
As an investment in convenience, safety, comfort and entertainment, low-voltage technologies create a better living experience for you and your family. To get the most from your home tech and spend wisely, plan first, wire next and buy later. ‘Plan first’ refers to the fact that you’ll save time and money if a low-voltage expert is at the table during the design phase when the architect is drawing the construction diagrams. ‘Wire next’ means getting a COMPLETE wiring installation done after framing goes up and the walls and ceilings are still open. Wire for every possibility (see the above list of low-voltage systems) – it’s much more cost-effective to wire when there’s open access. Lastly, ‘buy later.’ Don’t worry about ordering specific products until you are closer to a completion date. Some models change and you want to get the latest and greatest. Planning a construction project? Call us today!

Time and time again, the phone rings and we hear: “Hi Eric – my general contractor told me to give you a call…we are sheet-rocking next week and you need to come out and wire the house…”  While we love getting involved in new projects, we are often called too late in the process to help you avoid the most common pitfalls.
For instance, the closet for the equipment rack was built too small and doesn’t have an A/C vent. This requires the homeowner to spend more money on ventilation for the room or purchase custom racks that cost more than what is usually required. These simple issues can be avoided by getting One Touch involved early on.
While we understand much of this technology is new, it is very much in demand and commonplace in new and renovated homes. If you’re working with a contractor, let them know you want to have a surveillance system, home network, video doorbells, central lighting control, motorized shades, and a media room – possibly all controlled by voice. Then, call One Touch Media today to help make it all happen!


For the past year, we’ve been testing a technology that allows us to detect system issues, make updates, and even fix issues that arise – all from our office, without having to schedule a visit to your home. We are launching the service, called ONETOUCHCare to all new customers and rolling out the technology to existing customers as well. In conjunction with the new tech, we’ve created service tiers so you can pick the level or support you require. Contact us for details.

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