Jay / Parkland

One Touch Media Designs did an entire smart home for me, fully Alexa controlled, insideā€¦. 130 inch ceiling drop projection screen, 4K projector, in front of an 80 inch TV. Sonos throughout the house, TV in every room, the best is the TV that is actually in the Master bath shower. Front door locks, intergrated the alarms system, Thermostat, and upgrade WiFi. Outsideā€¦. is a Sunbright TV that can be seen from the pool with amazing quality sound throughout the back yard. All lights and shades are controlled by the sound of my voice, remotes or my smart phone. Even the pool/spa controls are integrated through the remote system. The installers and programmers are extremely professional, they put on their booties, mask and you could tell they were there when they left. Eric, the owner honest, returns phone calls and gets the job done as promised. He even knows a thing or two about cigars.

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374 E. Palmetto Park Rd,
Boca Raton, FL 33432

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