Motorized TV Lifts - where form
and function meet practicality
(with a touch of magic!)

We love technology that we can experience without seeing the tech itself! Invisible speakers, hidden cameras, discrete touchpanels that control your room, or entire voice-activated systems that magically operate your home systems.

The most popular hidden technology are concealed TVs that appear when in use and magically disappear when not. While the standard TV that pops up from a credenza has been available for a number of years, today's wide range of creative motorized lift systems can conceal your video screen almost anywhere. And just in time! As video displays have gotten bigger each year due to advancing production techniques and lowering costs, 85" to 100" or even larger TVs are becoming commonplace. From a d├ęcor perspective, these extra large displays might need a bit of concealment to work with any room style. That's where the new lift systems come in. See examples below!

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